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  Not everything is a false flag.  However we are terribly misled in this country by the mainstream media where more than 90% of all print, radio, and television is controlled by just 6 corporations. The mainstream media (MM) regularly promotes opinion bias as though it were fact.  While no one is without bias, the […]

  Ok here it goes, again a lot is copy & paste from various sources: A ticket is simply a contract to pay or appear in court nothing more and one needs not sign. It’s voluntary and only stupid people go for it. Don’t sign it they got nothing. Consent, contract, declaration Add ONE of […]

I found something i wanted to Copy and paste here for future reference. insteading of hiding it on one of my obscure pages or just keeping it as a perma draft, i figured i’d just post it here since i think about this all the time. Something like the anchor bias to me is devastating […]

  Everything is on a razor’s edge. I really feel like Neo sometimes with this mad sense of everything being amiss. There is a very thin veil covering the truth, suturing the rivers of blood of misery that rain down around us. There is a thin veil that holds our CIVILIZEDation together. There is a thin […]

  Woodrow Wilson, signs into the federal reserve banking system, and he’s involved with arguably the most important war… ever… So that sucks But you know what else he did, you know what makes him my favorite president. Here’s what i think happened. He signs the federal reserve deal. He publicly makes a statement about […]

The age range for Millennials has to be reconsidered. Like we need to cut the top end of the line down, and potentially the bottom end too. Think about it. There’s a significant thing happening. The information age, and the fucking internet. its pretty much universally accepted that the the internet has changed literally everything. […]

Here is a little something on a place that i grew up in. It is a savage place that is best kept secret. I don’t think anything written here threatens anything though so here. Warning the following was written years ago. There is a world in which there exist no trees, no water, and no […]